The treasures of a pandemic!

 2020-09-19 11:41 AM by

There's an old wives' tales that most babies are conceived during winter and born during the summer months.  So summer comes and there are prams carrying little babies everywhere, with old wives nodding their heads saying "I told you so.  I told you so".  

But what does an international pandemic produce?  Maybe more babies?  Who knows...maybe all the hours spent watching Netflix, tucked under the covers, will result in an extra and additional set of little feet.

As the Stork needs to adjust to new changes in our new normal, so do parents, hospital staff, schools, teachers, nannies, midwives, cashiers, manufacturers, IT experts, etc.  

BUT is there a possibility to explore changes to your product, service, or industry to fit in and adjust to the new normal?  Possibly create a better service for a new target market going forward?  A market that we would not have considered before?  

We did some brainstorming from the baby industry and came up with a few ideas - some of our ideas may be genius.  Some not so great.  The idea is to brainstorm and see how you could fill a potential adaptable gap in the market. 

And, the baby example is purely an example to highlight some out the box ideas to play around with.

  • Modified creams and lotions to include extra sanitizer
  • Create breast shields with advanced non-toxic sanitizer 
  • New age baby showers adapted to Covid-19 regulations and allow for something fun and different - Zoom themed, etc.

Either way, there must be new opportunities for new products and services as we adjust to the new normal.  And, it's exciting to conceptualize and review potential new products and services.

Growing your new business concepts

The 5 P's are still the most important factors when it comes to covering all your basis when taking products or services to market.  After all, when you are growing any precious commodity, you have to take all the moving parts into consideration.

The 5 P's:

1.  The product (the good or service);
2.  The price (what the consumer pays);
3.  The place (the location where a product is marketed);
4.  The promotion (advertising).
5.  The people (your ideal customer)