Still making waves - Mini Cooper experiential marketing

 2020-08-04 02:16 PM by

The Mini Cooper experiential marketing campaign from a few years ago still hits a high note in terms of customer engagement.  So much so, that a few years later, I would still be happy to be a Mini Cooper driver.

Imagine you were on the way to work, you’re tired, hungry, and a bit grumpy and stuck in traffic on the highway.  Then suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, you notice a moving billboard that seems to be ‘talking’ to? 

First billboard message:  Hey you there in the red mini? 

A bit further down the street, you see another billboard.

Next moving billboard:  Yes, you in the green and sunglasses!

You think - Seriously, are they talking to me?  Can’t be?

Next moving billboard:  We’d like to buy you a coffee!  It’s on us!

You say our load:  Seriously, I think they are talking to me!

Suddenly, there are flags and banner, and a group of smiling happy people, waving you over, telling you to stop.  Enthusiastically chanting:  ‘Hey mini cooper driver,’ join us for a coffee!”

You pull over and much to your delight, it is you they were talking to.  You get the royal treatment, smiles and waves and that free cup of coffee.  Would you go on to become the biggest Mini Cooper supporter!  No doubt, you will share your personal account and experience with everyone you meet.  And certainly, when it comes to buying that new car – guess what – it will be another Mini Cooper!

Yes, Mini has gone on to do new and innovative ambush/experiential and gorilla marketing campaigns over the few years.  By being different, they have won over the hearts and minds of car owners worldwide, whether or not you are a Mini Cooper driver.  They created an entire experience for customers and it’s so refreshing and creative that is still one of the campaigns that is forever tucked away in my marketing mind.  And one day, I will own a Mini Cooper too.