Now who saw that coming?

 2020-08-04 02:16 PM by

Well, we didn't.  We saw it in the distance, somewhere in China, but no one really anticipated that it would engulf our lives so quickly, and that we would be tucked away in our homes for March and April .

Now what?  As an entrepreneur or business owner, we know need to carry on.  It's business as usual.  To keep this email short and sweet and uncomplicated, here are a few marketing tips so you can continue to market your business 

  • Stay relevant to your customers and share information that will be of value to them.  There's no point in jumping on the 'panic' bandwagon.  Ensure your topic is on point and continue to talk to your customers about your expertise.  For example, you sell sunglasses - tell  and show your customers the trends for Autumn and Winter.  
  • Focus on online events as in-person events and conferences are a no-go zone at the moment.  Create webinars or do live video via Facebook or Instagram to engage and connect with your customers.  
  • Everybody will be on social media during this period.  If you currently use various platforms, don't stop posting because no one can visit your brick and mortar store.  Now is the time to keep your brand top of mind and address any needs your audience may have.


Another useful little tip!

Use Canva to keep your posts and communication material looking neat, tidy and on brand.  Canva has a free version that is perfect for your branding needs and includes social media posts, ebooks, presentations, brochures, posters and a whole lot more.

Should you have any questions related to branding or marketing, please feel free to pop us an email at  We are also available for Zoom calls to discuss your brand, marketing and social media strategy.