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  • The treasures of a pandemic!

    There's an old wives' tales that most babies are conceived during winter and born during the summer months.  So summer comes and there are prams carrying little babies everywhere, with old wives nodding their heads saying "I told you so.  I told you so".  

    But what does an international pandemic produce?  Maybe more babies?  Who knows...maybe all the hours spent watching Netflix, tucked under the covers, will result in an extra and additional set of little feet.

    As the Stork needs to adjust to new changes in our new normal, so do parents, hospital staff, schools, teachers, nannies, midwives, cashiers, manufacturers, IT experts, etc.  

    BUT is there a possibility to explore changes to your product, service, or industry to fit in and adjust to the new normal?  Possibly create a better service for a new target market going forward?  A market that we would not have considered before?  

    We did some brainstorming from the baby industry and came up with a few ideas - some of our ideas may be genius.  Some not so great.  The idea is to brainstorm and see how you could fill a potential adaptable gap in the market. 

    And, the baby example is purely an example to highlight some out the box ideas to play around with.

    • Modified creams and lotions to include extra sanitizer
    • Create breast shields with advanced non-toxic sanitizer 
    • New age baby showers adapted to Covid-19 regulations and allow for something fun and different - Zoom themed, etc.

    Either way, there must be new opportunities for new products and services as we adjust to the new normal.  And, it's exciting to conceptualize and review potential new products and services.

    Growing your new business concepts

    The 5 P's are still the most important factors when it comes to covering all your basis when taking products or services to market.  After all, when you are growing any precious commodity, you have to take all the moving parts into consideration.

    The 5 P's:

    1.  The product (the good or service);
    2.  The price (what the consumer pays);
    3.  The place (the location where a product is marketed);
    4.  The promotion (advertising).
    5.  The people (your ideal customer)

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  • What's the difference?

    They look the same, they dress the same.  They appear to be doing the same things.  We're just not sure.

    The question - what's the difference between an influencer and a brand ambassador?

    We've had numerous clients ask us that question.  And it's a perfectly good question.  With the trend in making use of  'persons' to market your product or service, it's important to know what you're spending your money on.

    But first, why would you use an influencer or ambassador?  It has become an effective way to grow and retain new customers as word of mouth has become the best way to get sales.  People trust what other people say, especially if that person is recognisable and has a solid social media following.

    Let's compare the differences:

    • Brand ambassadors promote your brand by word-of-mouth telling others about your product, influencers promote your brand by example, showing others how they use the product.
    • Influencer relationships are typically short-term, but ambassador relationships are long-term.
    • Influencers only promote your brand once or twice, while ambassadors promote your brand repeatedly.
    • Influencers always receive some type of payment (money or free products) for promoting your brand, but brand ambassadors will often promote your brand for free.
    • Influencers haven’t necessarily used your product before. All ambassadors have already actively used your product.
    • Influencers are chosen based on their capacity to reach an audience. Ambassadors, are chosen based on existing love for a product.
    • Brand ambassadors are committed to promoting your brand—your brand already stands out in their eyes. Some influencers might not choose to promote your product at all if it doesn’t stand out to them, especially if they’re bombarded with promotion requests from multiple brands.


    Some businesses swear by using influencers, while others have admitted that they did not receive the outcome they were hoping for.  Either way, the key is to make sure that the influencer or the ambassador understand and know your expectation.  

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  • If I was your customer, how would you make me feel?

    When last did your favorite brand make you feel special?  And what did they do that was unique and out of the ordinary?  Did they make you feel famous, take your photo or roll out the red carpet?  Customer Service is so important and how we make our customers feel, should be a top priority .

    I am a particularly fussy shopper and I hate bad service.  But we can learn from that.  If I was your customer, these are the 3 things I wish you would do as a brand.

    1.  Know what I'm thinking.  AKA mental telepathy.  Yes, you need to know what I think.  In order to know what I think, you should have done a concise customer persona profile on me and my tribe.  If you understand me, you'll understand what I like, how I shop, what will make me swipe my card and whether I'll be a repeat shopper.  So roll out that red carpet and make me feel like Audrey Hepburn!  

    2.  Appreciate me.  Do you have a loyalty programme?  You see, I love points, rewards, cash back, birthday presents, smart shoppers, thank you notes and everything that says you want to see me again.  And you want me to be your sweetheart.  Your one and only.  In these competitive times, you have to hug me as tightly to you as possible.  A bit like Lady Gaga in her meat dress.

    3.  Give me a good product, at a fair price with great service.  You don't have to 'reinvent the wheel' to supply and sell a product or service.  I don't need new and flashy.  Just show me some respect.  Sell me a good product that won't break in the first week.  Don't inflate the price by 200%.  And don't have a sloppy sales assistant, chewing gum and hanging on the counter serve me.  I'm worth more to you than that.

    So, make me feel special.  Make your customer feel like a celebrity shopper each time they buy from you.  



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  • Now who saw that coming?

    Well, we didn't.  We saw it in the distance, somewhere in China, but no one really anticipated that it would engulf our lives so quickly, and that we would be tucked away in our homes for March and April .

    Now what?  As an entrepreneur or business owner, we know need to carry on.  It's business as usual.  To keep this email short and sweet and uncomplicated, here are a few marketing tips so you can continue to market your business 

    • Stay relevant to your customers and share information that will be of value to them.  There's no point in jumping on the 'panic' bandwagon.  Ensure your topic is on point and continue to talk to your customers about your expertise.  For example, you sell sunglasses - tell  and show your customers the trends for Autumn and Winter.  
    • Focus on online events as in-person events and conferences are a no-go zone at the moment.  Create webinars or do live video via Facebook or Instagram to engage and connect with your customers.  
    • Everybody will be on social media during this period.  If you currently use various platforms, don't stop posting because no one can visit your brick and mortar store.  Now is the time to keep your brand top of mind and address any needs your audience may have.


    Another useful little tip!

    Use Canva to keep your posts and communication material looking neat, tidy and on brand.  Canva has a free version that is perfect for your branding needs and includes social media posts, ebooks, presentations, brochures, posters and a whole lot more.

    Should you have any questions related to branding or marketing, please feel free to pop us an email at  We are also available for Zoom calls to discuss your brand, marketing and social media strategy.

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  • Still making waves - Mini Cooper experiential marketing

    The Mini Cooper experiential marketing campaign from a few years ago still hits a high note in terms of customer engagement.  So much so, that a few years later, I would still be happy to be a Mini Cooper driver.

    Imagine you were on the way to work, you’re tired, hungry, and a bit grumpy and stuck in traffic on the highway.  Then suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, you notice a moving billboard that seems to be ‘talking’ to? 

    First billboard message:  Hey you there in the red mini? 

    A bit further down the street, you see another billboard.

    Next moving billboard:  Yes, you in the green and sunglasses!

    You think - Seriously, are they talking to me?  Can’t be?

    Next moving billboard:  We’d like to buy you a coffee!  It’s on us!

    You say our load:  Seriously, I think they are talking to me!

    Suddenly, there are flags and banner, and a group of smiling happy people, waving you over, telling you to stop.  Enthusiastically chanting:  ‘Hey mini cooper driver,’ join us for a coffee!”

    You pull over and much to your delight, it is you they were talking to.  You get the royal treatment, smiles and waves and that free cup of coffee.  Would you go on to become the biggest Mini Cooper supporter!  No doubt, you will share your personal account and experience with everyone you meet.  And certainly, when it comes to buying that new car – guess what – it will be another Mini Cooper!

    Yes, Mini has gone on to do new and innovative ambush/experiential and gorilla marketing campaigns over the few years.  By being different, they have won over the hearts and minds of car owners worldwide, whether or not you are a Mini Cooper driver.  They created an entire experience for customers and it’s so refreshing and creative that is still one of the campaigns that is forever tucked away in my marketing mind.  And one day, I will own a Mini Cooper too.

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